“My Mom Just Put In Her Two Week Notice, And I’m Crying”

Source: Reddit

My mom is finally retiring after more than 40 years at the same job, something she’s talked about doing for more than a decade. It’s finally happening and I’m in tears. For context she works in a very dangerous area helping people who are at high risk for things like physical/sexual abuse, homelessness, food insecurity etc.

Over the years she’s been stalked, physically assaulted, robbed on multiple occasions (at knifepoint and once at gunpoint), harassed and threatened by several security guards that were supposed to be there for her protection… and so much more. She’s seen and dealt with things firsthand that would break most people, things that even just hearing about in the vaguest terms keep me up at night. I’ve watched as her physical condition slowly deteriorated over the years, all the while the ever changing management never showed an ounce of consideration for her advancing age. And it’s finally coming to an end.

Ever since I was old enough to understand what it was she did and the risk she was placing herself in, I’ve feared for her safety. I’m an only child and she’s my only parent, and my greatest fear has always been losing her to some random act of violence. I can’t really convey the sense of relief I’m feeling, and the happiness I’m feeling for her. This woman has helped literally thousands of people make a better life for themselves all while raising and supporting me at every step of my life. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for her, and cannot wait to spend time with her during her well-deserved retirement.

She just messaged me twenty minutes ago to excitedly tell me she turned in her letter of resignation, and I just had to share with someone.

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