‘My neighbour mows my lawn then demands payment – I don’t know what to do’

We frequently pick a good new home depending on the good name of the area, the characteristics of the property, and whether it meets our needs – but one aspect we can’t control until move-in day is our neighbours, as it’s a matter of luck whether you end up with good neighbors or individuals who create you feel like you’re living in a complete nightmare. Read the story to know what happened between the two neighbours and how you would handle the situation.

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My retired neighbor frequently mows my lawn because he has nothing else to do. Every time he mows I’m basically forced to pay, he spends most of his money on tobacco/alcohol. If I ever refuse to pay he threatens to tear down my garden that I’ve worked months on, he has already destroyed my flower beds even though I had already paid.

Considering the fact that my neighbor is retired and an alcoholic, all he does is wander around the yard while drunk, even when I’m at work. My other neighbor has said he woke up to him violently banging on his door cursing, I’m quite afraid to report him to any authorities since he is much stronger than me & has a large selection of weapons/firearms. How can I get him to stop without anybody getting injured?

Additional information: I have told him to stop repeatedly, still won’t listen.

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