“My Stepdad Got In A Fight To Protect Me And I Feel Different About Him Now”

Source: Reddit

I’m 19 and a guy. My mom married my stepdad when I was 14 and we’ve always gotten along. My dad died when I was 11 and to be honest I’m still working through the relationship we had. I’ve always had this fantasy that he was an amazing dad but if I’m honest he was abusive. He made me fight a 13 year old when I was 10. When I said I was scared he told me I was being a pussy. When I didn’t win he was disappointed in me.

When my mom married my stepdad we kept to ourselves at first but he’s honestly twice the man my dad was. It’s hard to say that but it’s true. The one thing he said to me before he married my mom was that he’d never hurt us and always protect us. It’s been 5 years and he’s kept his promise. He’s always been amazing to my mom and me and I admit that he spoils me sometimes. He’ll take care of my chores for me and gets me whatever I want even if I don’t ask him for it. If he hears me talking about something he’ll just get it for me. He always asks if I have enough money and if I don’t he’ll transfer money into my checking account. We don’t really talk about personal stuff but he’s always said I can talk to him about anything whenever I feel like it.

Today we were at the store and some older guy accused me of giving him a dirty look while we were in the parking lot. I didn’t know what he was talking about and told him I didn’t even look at him but he shoved me to the ground. My stepdad jumped in so fast that I didn’t even see what happened. I heard him hit the guy and when I got up the a**hole was on the ground looking scared and holding his nose. My stepdad was shouting at him in a scary voice “You don’t ever put your hands on him.”

He helped me up and the guy got back in his car and sped away. After that he didn’t want me to leave his sights in the store. The whole way home he kept apologizing that he didn’t step in earlier and telling me he never wanted me to see him fight. I’ve never even seen get mad or raise his voice. It was scary but it also made me feel so weird.

I can’t explain it but it feels like I finally know how much he loves me. We never say it to each other but I always knew how he feels. When we got home I told him I love him for the first time and he gave me the hardest hug I’ve ever had and I almost started crying.

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