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‘My Three Sons’ Tina Cole Didn’t Marry Don Grady Due To Her Son: She Found Out He Still Loved Her Before He Died.

The popular 1960s comedy “My Three Sons” garnered a global following. Tina Cole and Don Grady, two of the show’s frontrunners, became fan favorites due to their onscreen relationship.

The sitcom aired for twelve seasons, and viewers witnessed Cole and Grady’s characters grow through trials and tribulations during their partnership. Cole has now spoken up about her final encounter with Grady.

Cole portrayed Katie Miller, on “My Three Sons,” while Grady portrayed Robbie Douglas, one of the sons on the show. The TV show is one of the most popular in history.

Cole stated that when she initially met the actors, they were all cordial and kind to her, and she only discovered many years later that Grady had not wished her to be cast.

But, two years after Cole joined the cast, her relationship with Grady started to improve. Cole said that after her divorce, she and Grady spent more time together.

The actress remembered that they had participated in telethons together, which served to strengthen their friendship. Cole reflected fondly on the event, saying they fell passionately in love while singing.

Posted by Tina Cole on Thursday, 28 June 2012

Grady said he didn’t want her to be cast until they fell in love, according to her. Cole said that she and Grady had an on-again, off-again relationship for eight years, but that this did not diminish their love for one another.

Cole reflected fondly on her time with Grady and realized that part of their difficulty was her worries about the relationship, despite the fact that they loved each other and Grady was ready to commit.

Cole said that Grady wanted to marry her, but she wasn’t ready as they discussed their relationship and why they never made it to the altar together. She confessed that she adored him, but she had a son, and she wasn’t sure.

Wishing Tina's oldest son Volney a very Happy 53rd birthday today! Tina's Team

Posted by Tina Cole on Saturday, 3 August 2019

Grady attempted to invite Cole to live with him in preparation for marriage, but she refused. He informed her that if she couldn’t live with him, he’d find someone who could and then start dating again.

When he met Cole again after their divorce, he informed her that he had made a mistake by marrying somebody else and that he would contact her when he divorced, which he did. Cole said that they reconnected shortly after.

Grady decided that he wanted to move to New York and perform on Broadway when they reunited. He begged Cole to accompany him, and she replied she would only go if he made her his wife, which he did not.

Grady did not join Cole in New York, and the couple never married, but Cole never regretted their love.

Cole and Grady reconnected for the last time during a coworker’s funeral ceremony in 2008. Beverley Garland, who portrayed Fred MacMurray’s second wife in “My Three Sons,” died at the age of 82, and both Grady and Cole attended her funeral ceremony.

Cole said that despite their uncomfortable introduction, they warmly embraced one another. She stated that she last saw him at Beverly’s burial, at her memorial. He looked fantastic.

But Cole saw something dark beneath the cheery surface. Grady’s cancer diagnosis was eventually revealed to Cole by her sister and Grady’s writing partner. The actress said that she did not know whether Grady was aware of his disease during the memorial event.

Cole was concerned if she should say anything to him since she had not learned of his condition from him, but she chose to write anyway. When he responded, he said there was nothing he could say that would be beneficial to either of them and that he would always love her.

Cole became worked up talking about Grady and the love they had for over a decade and praised Grady’s personality.

She went on to mention how gifted he was and how good a parent and husband he was to his wife and children. Cole expressed his love for his wife yet informed her that she had raised the bar, which Cole thought was nice. Grady died three weeks later.

Cole and Grady were passionately in love, but they couldn’t keep their romance going for long. In reality, they both went on to have their own families, and Cole is now a grandmother.

Cole had never had a long-term relationship and quipped that the reason was she hadn’t found a guy who would make her want to put down a good book. Grady, on the other hand, raised a family with his wife and kids.

Happy Birthday to my #1 son Volney Erskine Howard IV. The joy of my young life and beyond! Tina

Posted by Tina Cole on Monday, 3 August 2020

Cole has 4 kids, two boys and two girls, who have grown up and given her grandkids. On important occasions, she often updates her Facebook page about her family.

Grady married and had 2 kids, Joey, a boy, and Tessa, a girl. Joey followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a musician. He often expresses his appreciation of music on social media.

Tessa has dabbled in acting, appearing in films such as “The King of Queens” and “Comedy Whacked!” The young lady also often flaunts her family on social media, even posting a picture of herself, her mother, and her brother.

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