NAKED AND AFRAID: Woman says judge forced her to give ex-husband intimate photos in divorce

A lady in Utah is furious after a court ordered her to provide her ex-husband copies of intimate picture albums she gave him prior to their divorce.

Lindsay Marsh, 43, of Layton, claimed she felt humiliated by the ruling that ordered her to send over redacted photographs of herself in nude, topless, and lingerie shots to her ex-husband, Chris Marsh.

Marsh stated that one does not understand where to turn since one doesn’t know the law. In her words, “You have an ex-husband who you were married to for years forcing you to distribute basically p*rn, and he thinks it’s OK, his attorney also thinks that it is OK, and then you bring it in front of a judge, and he thinks it’s OK.”

Per the verdict, Second District Court Judge Michael Edwards determined that Chris Marsh may keep copies of the albums once the photographs of her naked or in lingerie were covered.

Lindsay Marsh stated the original photographer placed black boxes over the exposed areas of her body without changing the adoring inscriptions and comments, and she then sent the copies to her ex-husband.

People need to understand that this is what this court ordered, and that is not acceptable, she added.

After 25 years of marriage, she filed for divorce in April and was astonished when her ex mentioned the albums as one of the goods he sought in the divorce, she claimed.

In some of these images, she is nude, the mom of three continued. He never asked for images of their kids, family, or pets when they went to trial. He simply requested many images of only himself, as well as these albums.

Marsh described the picture inquiry as “retaliation for divorce.”

Chris Marsh, on the other hand, backed the judge’s decision.

He never inquired for images; he requested for inscriptions, he explained. He said that the court allowed her to redact and duplicate the album pages herself before turning them over. He noted that she was not required to provide them to a third party for editing.

Lindsay Marsh stated that she did not go public to bash her ex-husband, but rather to assist others who are in a similar circumstance.

It’s terribly humiliating and violated that anybody has to go through anything like this, she added. If she can prevent this from occurring to even one more individual, it would have all been worthwhile. She wants this judge to face consequences. He made a mistake.

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