Neighbor Is Enraged After This Woman Doesn’t Allow Their Kids To Use Her Private Pool Since “They’re Just Kids”

Good neighbours are priceless. Your dream house can be turned into a nightmare by a terrible neighbour. It’s a fine line to walk. So to have a peaceful environment having good neighbours is important. Read the story to know what clash occurred between a family and their neighbour and let us know how you would deal with such a situation.

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I’m a 32 year old woman and my wife who is a 33 year old woman and I finally bought our own home instead of renting. It took a lot of work but we got to do it and it’s a home we both love and plan to spend the rest of our lives in. It even has a pool which is just amazing and something i’d always wanted but never thought i’d have.

The issue is our next door neighbours, I keep finding their kids using our pool having hopped our fence and I keep getting them to leave, i’ve spoken to their parents about this issue and they have told me that the elderly couple we bought the House from would let the kids use the pool in exchange for cleaning it so they’re just used to being able to use it, I told them that was fine when it was the last neighbour but it’s something my wife and I are not comfortable with as we don’t know them well enough plus if the kids were hurt we’d feel awful about it.

They insisted their kids wouldn’t get hurt and asked if it’d be ok if the kids used it whenever we weren’t as they’re “Just kids” and spoke about how it’s getting hotter now, I was getting annoyed at this point and told them they should get their own pool then and i’d already told them we weren’t comfortable with this.

Ever since then I’ve had to chase the kids away a couple more times and their parents are constantly sending me dirty looks whenever they see me, i’ve since posted a sign stating it’s a private pool and can only be used with permission. Am I really being unfair here? yes it sucks the kids had an arrangement with the last owners but it’s our pool now.

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