Neighbor’s Wife Was Taught A Perfect Lesson For Not Apologizing For Her Mistake.

Source: Reddit

I moved into my house around the same time as my next door neighbors (new construction neighborhood). We both do our own lawns—they bag their cuttings, I self-mulch/leave the cuttings mulched on the lawn and don’t bag. One day I mow the lawn and leave for some errands. I come home to the cuttings I had left on the lawn all raked up and thrown all over my front porch/door with a threatening note telling me if this EVER happened again and I didn’t do my lawn properly from now own, there would be consequences and it would be worse next time. I went over to my neighbor’s house, told her I would call the police for threatening me if she ever tried a stunt like this again and that next time she had a problem, maybe try talking with me like an adult and gave her my phone number. Her husband apologized and said his wife was batshit crazy and he was really sorry. Wife never apologized.

I then promptly didn’t mow the front lawn for over 6 months (no HOA). I made sure to mow the back yard and make a display of bagging those cuttings and carrying them out front for the neighbor to see, but left the front nice and overgrown. I also ended up having her car towed from in front of her own house. Coincidentally code enforcement can’t force you to mow your lawn, but if you leave a vehicle on the street for over 72 hours without moving it…they’ll impound. $600 later she got her car back and I haven’t heard a peep from her.

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