New Manager “Asks For The Resignation Of Anyone Who Doesn’t Believe Her Way Will Work By 5 PM The Next Day”, Sales Rep Team Resigns On The Spot.

Consider having a terrific boss, a near-perfect job, and a stress-free work environment. This was the responsibility of an experienced sales rep employee who detailed how things went wrong in this story below. Scroll down and share your views on this.

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Recently our OG manager, who was fantastic, just left. One of the biggest things he did for our team was to keep the higher-ups from meddling in our day-to-day lives. As long as we hit our targets we could pretty much do as we please.

Want to work from home 4 days a week, no stress. Want to go out on the road and meet clients face to face instead of meeting over zoom/phone, be his guest. Feel like closing all your deals at 2am every night and not logging on until 3pom the next day, why not? Basically, do whatever, let him know, and hit the targets, it was all cool by him. You get the drift.

Because of this, our team works our asses off and constantly hits targets. With myself and a few others doing so well we recently got promoted (personally I got the 2IC job to work with a new manager, show him the ropes, train the new staff etc).

However, the OG manager leaves as he can’t take the stress from the higher-ups breathing down his neck about his management style. Even though we constantly make/exceed targets, they are unhappy as he is not doing it through their formula.

About a week or so after the OG manager leaves, the new manager and pretty much another sales team are hired. New manager is essentially just a yes man for the higher-ups. Our super awesome work space goes downhill, we are required to be in the office 5 days a week 9-5, given a set seating plan, and spend our time cold calling, not relationship building.

We do this for a few weeks, the older reps who worked for OG manager aren’t having the best time. As not only are we now dealing with this shocking environment. Plus we have to train new staff (and the new manager) on the systems, the product, meaning we really have no time to sell.

Then we have a meeting.

New manager starts going on about the importance of the new system. as it will increase sales, which in turn will increase our commission.

Now we get to the good part.

The head office lady came down for this meeting (she doesn’t have much day-to-day in the sales stuff).

She is quiet until the end when she pipes up. Saying how this company has room for growth, is willing to promote internally, uses me, and points out me and some of the older sales reps as examples. She then goes on to ask for the resignation of anyone who doesn’t believe her way will work by 5pm the next day.

Me and the other sales reps who were there with the OG manager simply comply with her request and hand our notice periods in at the end of the next day.

Leaving the company with a sales team that consists of a manager that doesn’t know anything about the product or role, and a totally fresh team of newbie starters who have no idea what they are doing who will not get anywhere near the target for a looooooong time.

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