New Mom Hears The Cat Making Strange Noises. But Then This Happened.

When horrible things keep happening to you, it’s awful hard to keep your head up. But, you MUST have hope, and here’s a story that tests one couple’s strength… and faith.

From the very moment they met, practically, and had that little twinkle in their eyes for each other, Roy and Bernita Rogers of Kansas City always talked about having kids… a BUNCH of kids. They could just imagine running around calling them mom and dad, and doing all those great things that kids do.

But, as most of us know, life has a way of pulling the rug out from under you when you least expect it. Only two years into their marriage, Bernita had gone through three stillbirths. She was devastated. And so was Roy. The pain inside their hearts was heavy, and, even though they felt they just could not go through it again, they kept trying.

In the meantime, to fill the heavy void in their lives, they took in a stray cat. It was quite a beautiful cat… completely black with a lovable personality. They named her Midnight. And that beautiful black cat named Midnight calmed them, and became a big part of their family.

It wasn’t too long after they had taken Midnight in that Bernita got pregnant again. And this time, when the time had come, there was no sadness. This time, there was a wonderful, healthy baby girl. Roy and Bernita could not have been any happier. And as the little baby girl, named Stacey, began to grow, she and Midnight started playing together. It seemed they loved each other just like siblings, and Midnight was very protective of her little baby sister. The parents were pretty protective too, so they placed a baby monitor in her room.

When Stacey was showing signs of not feeling well, she was taken to the doctor, but the doctor assured Roy and Bernita that it was a simple cold and would pass soon. So they returned home and put her back in the crib in her room. A short time after that, they heard strange noises coming from the monitor; it was a screeching, wailing sound.

Roy and Bernita ran into Stacey’s room, where Midnight was wailing loudly. And baby Stacey was gasping for air… and turning blue. So they rushed her to the emergency room, and were soon told that their little girl had suffered full respiratory failure. But, because she was brought in there just in the nick of time, doctors were able to save her. And it wasn’t very long before she had fully recovered.

That beautiful cat named Midnight had saved their beautiful daughter by alerting them to her serious condition. And if you’ve never thought of yourself as cat person… never really thought a whole lot about cats, well, maybe you will now.

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