New Mom Snaps After Being Told Not To Bring Her 5-Month-Old To A Work Outing.

With all of the deadlines, clients, and a nosy boss around, it might be difficult to relax. But, with the coming holidays, it’s now time for the greatest part of every employment – work functions. Even if you’re hesitant to join your coworkers – and your bosses – outside the workplace, going on an outing has its advantages. There is one place where youngsters absolutely do not belong: at a corporate function. After being advised not to bring her 5-month-old to a work trip, a new mom explodes. Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

I And my coworkers (mostly late 20 And early 30) all without children decided to have an early christmas party just for our department next week. We plan to go to a pub around 7 pm, get some beers and so on.

We made a group chat and started to discuss where to go and what time… the regular. One of our coworkers is friends with a coworker on maternity leave so they add her to the chat too. She was happy to come and told us she will attend with her son who is currently 5 months.

I told her that I don’t think it’s a good idea to take him with her since we’re probably gonna be loud and drinking and he’s gonna be crying and it’s also kinda late. She told me it’s fine and that she is taking him everywhere with her, she even took him to her husband’s conference where he had a presentation and he didn’t cry much.

Others joined me and told her that it’s not the best environment for a child and if she does not have a babysitter we can change to a more suitable day. But she said she doesn’t want to be separated from her baby and called us a**ho***s. The only person who took her side was her friend.

So are we all AH?

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