New Mom Warns Her Friend To Wear A Bra Before Meeting Baby, She Doesn’t Listen And Calls Her Misogynistic.

Here is a story of a mother who attempted to prepare her friend for meeting her grabby infant by pointing out that the lady would most likely require a bra to protect her nipples from his deathly grasp, she not only ignored the request but also blamed the mother for sexualizing her. However, the entire event left the mother perplexed. Read the story and let us know whether the mom was right in suggesting her friend to wear a bar.

Source: Reddit

I have a 6 month old, and just started allowing visitors. My best friend came to visit and I texted her suggesting she wear a bra or a thick shirt if she plans to hold my son because he grabs nipples, very hard and my friend has hers pierced and has told me they’re super sensitive.

I explained this to her and she ignored my messages but she came over anyway, nipples poking through shirt and my 6 month old was staring hands ready. I offered to give her a sweater and she looked at me sideways and suggested I was sexualizing her breasts and she isn’t covering up.

I explained that wasn’t the case but she didn’t want to hear me, I respected her decision and asked if she still wants to hold the baby, she grabbed by son from me and within 5 minutes he had a death grip on her nipples and she jumped up screamed in pain and pulled him off of her.

I said “that’s why I suggested a bra” this made her even more mad and said “No you suggested that because you’re a misogynist”. I was so confused and she left abruptly.

She keeps telling our mutual friends that I was sexualizing her breast and was trying to make her wear a bra or that i wouldn’t welcome her but that isn’t at all what happened

Am I missing something? I feel like her reaction is really uncalled for. So, I need some advice on if I’m wrong…

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