Newly-Pregnant Mom Livid After Teen Son Asks If He’s ‘Expected To Take Care Of This One As Well.’

A baby announcement is usually a pleasant moment when a family is going to grow. However, not everyone will be pleased with the news. In this story, a teenage son reacted negatively to the news that mom was expecting another child, a younger brother for him. Read the story and let us know your views about the situation.

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I F36 divorced my ex husband 6 years ago, We have a 16 year old son together “Jamie”. I remarried to my current husband and have a 10 year old stepson Nick. Jamie and Nick are close and get along most of the time as well. Nick depends on Jamie in a lot of things like helping him do homework, fix and organize his toys, and cleaning his room.

Things have been going great till Jamie started seeing this girl who kept claiming that my husband and I are “parentifying” Jamie by having him do things for Chris and seemed to be filling his head with nonsense about us taking from Jamie his time and not letting him live like other kids his age. My husband had a stern talk to her which caused Jamie to get into a fight with him. Things have been bad since then.

I recently found out that I’m pregnant, We wanted to wait till all my family were together so we could make the announcement. We did it this past Sunday, and everyone was happy and excited for us except for Jamie who remained quiet for a few minutes then loudly asked “So am I expected to take care of this one as well?”

My husband and I were shocked. We didn’t know what to do, My husband stormed out and I started arguing with Jamie asking him why he said that. He said that because it was the truth, he feels as if he has some type of responsibility towards Nick because of the things he has to do for him and felt that he’ll do the same for his half sibling.

I told him this is his girlfriend spouting nonsense and brainwashing him cause we expect nothing of him and he was wrong to say that we do. I had to punish him for ruining the announcement and making a scene and making my husband upset. He thought that it wasn’t fair he had to get punished for stating an opinion. He blamed my husband for “filling” my head too but my husband is innocent in this except he knew that that girl is being rude and intrusive. It’s been a few days and Jamie has gone completely silent about the whole thing.

Am I wrong for punishing my son for how he reacted to my pregnancy announcement?

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