Next Time Our Kids Make A Mistake Remember This Mother’s Analogy.

Story by Linsey Driskill

As moms, isn’t it easy to get frustrated when our kids make mistakes, but look past our own?

Recently, someone in our house spilled a bottle of nail polish remover all over our dining room table, dropped a whole tub of HOMEMADE pesto pasta, and shattered a salt shaker into pieces. Ugh! Guess who did it all? 😂

Yep, it was me. After I thoroughly stained the table with nail polish remover, I thought about how I’d react if one of my triplets had done that – eeks.

Days later when I spilled ALL the homemade pesto pasta we were so looking forward to, my kids came alongside me and helped me clean it up. As we scooped pasta off the ground, my daughter said, “It’s okay, we all make mistakes. No big deal.”

How often do I jump to frustration and impatience at my kids’ mistakes? This verse popped into my mind: “…you who pass judgment do the same things.” Romans 2:1

When I react imperfectly to my kids, I’m thankful for their unbelievable grace. It makes me want to lead with a whole lot more of it.

The next time our kids make a mistake, let’s think back to the last thing we broke, dropped, or spilled, and instead of reacting in anger, let’s choose calmness, and maybe even laughter (with all the things I’m dropping lately, I sure need to!) 😂.

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