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Nice Guy Stops To Help With Flat Tire, Realizes The Van Is Stuffed Full.

When traveling down the highway on his way to do some shopping, Phoenix resident David McIntyre observed something rather typical: an old minivan with a flat tire. He might have just driven by like everyone else that day, assuming the vehicle’s owner was waiting for a tow company, but something “really prompted” him to act.

While he was speeding down the I-10 highway, he saw an older model minivan parked on the side of the road with a flat tire, and something urged him to stop.

David revealed on Facebook that when he approached the minivan, he observed it was occupied by a family with two little kids, and the vehicle was filled to the roof.

The driver couldn’t get to his spare tire because the vehicle was too loaded. The father had been waiting for quite some time, and no one had stopped, although most people believe that the stranded person has a mobile phone and would just call a towing service, yet that was not an option for this family. They had prayed that someone would stop and assist them, and that person turned out to be David McIntyre.

He couldn’t get to his spare tyre because of all the things, and while David was pulling his gear out of his Jeep, he revealed he’d lost his job and was headed to New Mexico to live with relatives, David remembered. He also mentioned that he didn’t have any money to offer David, and David assured him that he was not stopping to earn money but rather to assist. David injured his hand when putting his spare tire on his minivan, and he could see the man was sad since he was assisting him.

He then had the family accompany him to Discount Tire, where a staff member started working on changing the minivan’s tire, much to the chagrin of the family. When the staff worked on his vehicle and changed his tire, David could see he was really concerned about the expense as he discussed it with his wife, he stated. He was a really courteous guy, and that voice within David directed him once again.

The amazing voice of sympathy persuaded this extremely good individual to approach the store’s management and offer to pay for the suffering family’s new tire. The manager admitted that he had no intention of charging the family in the first place, so this wasn’t even required.

Took this picture of my hand yesterday while I was out busily getting ready for Christmas like the other million people…

Posted by David McIntyre on Sunday, 20 December 2015

David McIntyre thanked the family and left. David grabbed his spare and wished them all well, the kind stranger said. The man and his family were really kind and pleasant. Thus, it just cost David an hour of his time and a little scratch, but what he continues to feel in his heart now is priceless.

In a world filled with hate and negativity, it’s refreshing to know that there are still decent individuals around. On one day, two perfect strangers blessed this one family. God seems to have had a role in all of this, placing the right individuals in the right place at the right time.

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