Nicole Kidman Faced Criticism for Raising Her Children as Catholic and to Have Faith in God

Nicole Kidman and her husband, country music star Keith Urban, are instilling faith in their two daughters, Sunday and Faith.

The Big Little Lies and Undoing star, 54, was raised in an Irish Catholic household and remains a devoted Catholic to this day, citing her grandmother as a big influence in her life. She stated that her grandmother was a devout Catholic, and she was trained to pray, so it had a big influence on her. She wouldn’t call it absolutism; there’s always questioning- she is a determined, feisty young lady. It’s critical for her not to have any judgment. Tolerance is the most vital thing, her father would constantly say.

In 2018, Kidman said that she had pondered becoming a nun. She is spiritual in the sense that she totally trusts in God, she explained. She fantasized of becoming a nun. Clearly, she did not select that road, but it was very appealing to her.

That intense religion has not left her, and despite her friends’ mockery, she is raising her daughters Sunday Rose, born in 2008, and Faith Margaret, born in 2010. A lot of her pals mock her, she remarked. That is how they raise their children. Keith has his own ideals, but he also comes.

She said her daughters Faith and Sunday don’t have phones, and she doesn’t let them have Instagram accounts. She try to set limits for herself. Kidman also has two adopted kids from her ex-husband Tom Cruise’s 11-year marriage.

Kidman stated her mother had an adoptive sister, so it’s always been a part of their family, and she knew it’d show up someplace in her. She didn’t anticipate it to occur so soon, but it did.

Despite their father’s decision to become a Scientologist, she expressed her eternal love for her kids, Isabelle, 25, and Connor, 23. Kidman acknowledges that when her kids joined Scientology, she became distant from them. However, she indicated in an interview that she wishes to keep her connection with her kids private.

She stated, that is something she keeps to herself. All of those ties must be safeguarded. She is certain that she would lose her life for her kids since that is her mission. She said, they have reached adulthood. They have the ability to make their own choices. They chose to be Scientologists, and it is her responsibility as a mother to love them.

And she is a model of that tolerance, and that’s what she thinks that despite what your kid does, the kid has love, and the kid has to know that love is there, and she is open here.

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