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Nicole Kidman’s Body Amazes At 55 After Accusation Of Starving Herself – Spouse Looks At Her With Adoring Eyes.

Nicole Kidman was among the numerous celebrities that attended the Academy Awards on March 12, 2023. Despite not being nominated for an award at the ceremony, she presented one while accompanied and supported by her husband, Keith Urban.

Kidman, who had been married to her spouse for 16 years, had previously received five Oscar nominations. The most recent came in 2022 for her work in “Being the Ricardos,” while she had only received one in 2003 for “The Hours.”

The husband and wife wore identical all-black ensembles, with the country musician dressed in a tuxedo and his wife in a sequin-covered Armani Privé gown. With her one-sleeve dress with flowery design on the shoulder and hip, the actress, then 55, flaunted her beautiful form.

She accessorised with similar strappy shoes and diamond jewellery and wore a gown with a thigh-high slit. The star’s blond hair was fashioned long and free, yet she wore a different attire the day before at the pre-Oscars Awards Dinner in Los Angeles.

Kidman appeared at the 14th annual event at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Room wearing a navy blue tweed skirt with black tulle ruffled on the hem, showcasing her beautiful legs. The actress accessorised with a similar double-breasted blazer and pearls around her neck.

Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wore blue slingback heels. The actress shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing her gown, prompting followers to comment, with one person remarking on how “fortunate” Keith was.

Someone other responded to the former admirer, saying they were “very sure” the country artist deserved and treasured her. Another individual said the two stars were fortunate to have met.

Keith was truly a fortunate guy to have his wife, according to one fan, who also commended the actress for her “lovely, thin, and trim physique.” The trolls, on the other hand, were close by with their own harsh remarks.

On March 1, 2023, Kidman was pictured relaxing on a beach in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and their kids, Faith and Sunday. Keith wore no shirt, while his wife wore a black long-sleeved swimsuit.

At one point, the “Moulin Rouge” actress was spotted relaxing on a blanket on the beach and conversing before sharing a water bottle. The actress appeared to be content as she cherished her family’s company, and after swimming, she dried herself before changing into a chambray shirt and white shorts.

Afterwards, Kidman and her husband went for a romantic walk down the water’s edge, seeming more in love than ever as they took in the surroundings. A new outlet released a photo of the actress in her bikini on Facebook, prompting followers to react.

Although the singer had not gone to the beach to flaunt her figure, but rather to spend time with her family, she got a lot of negative feedback from the publication’s story. One critic claimed Kidman’s figure was obtained by consuming one lettuce leaf every day.

Another user believed the actress was “painfully thin,” a third claimed she seemed anorexic, and another stated Keith’s wife was “anorexic, not skinny.” Another Facebook user said “Keith is a hot. She is NOT.”

A social media commenter suggested that the actress eat a burger since she was “so slim now.” Someone other couldn’t believe Kidman thought she was healthy since she was “so starved.”

Another user suggested many cheeseburgers, while another stated she needed to acquire some weight. A Facebook poster claimed that since Kidman was so thin, she would vanish if she turned sideways.

Another troll called her a “walking skeleton” and said she was “as white as a ghost.” Despite all of the cruel and unjustified remarks, Kidman just had one person to please with her beauty.

Keith’s wife, whom he married in 2006, was nominated for a SAG Award for her role on “Grace of Monaco” in 2016, and she attended the event with him. During a pre-event interview, Kidman admitted that she prepared for the role of the actress by meeting with several people who knew her.

The actress also studied Grace Kelly and had grown up knowing about her since her mother was a fan. The actress also asked Keith if he preferred Marilyn Monroe or Kelly, to which he replied, “the you camp!”

In another interview that year, the country music artist said that he would have liked to be deserving of someone like his wife, but was far from it when they met. However, they discovered they shared real love, with him stating that he honestly feel like the luckiest person on the earth.

The “Only You Can Love Me This Way” singer uploaded an Instagram snapshot of him and his wife smiling while holding a bunch of flowers for his wife’s birthday in 2021. “Happy birthday babygirl!!!!!!” wrote the musician.

That same year, on their wedding anniversary, he posted a lovely Instagram photo of himself hugging the actress. He demonstrated his love for her, regardless of the criticism she received, by revealing that his life began when he said “I do.”

Keith shared a photo of himself kissing her on the forehead for her birthday in 2022, wished her a happy birthday, and referred to her as “babygirl,” a term of endearment he frequently used. As they celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary in 2017, the singer stated that his wife still felt like his girlfriend.

The following year, he posted a selfie of himself playing the piano as Kidman stood nearby, enjoying the music. He wished his “babygirl” a happy twelfth anniversary and expressed his love for her, and in 2019, he celebrated thirteen years of marriage with a photo of them at the beach and used the endearment once more.

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