No One Expected A Cop To Do This To A CRYING KITTEN.

When police go out on a call, there’s really no telling what they’re going to be dealing with, and here’s a story about one officer who not only helps people, but animals, as well.

Police officer Cody Garrett is 28 and lives in South Carolina. He works the late-night shift, and during one of those shifts, he got a call to check on an animal crying from underneath a dumpster.

Now, Cody is an animal lover but he also knows to treat a call like this with caution because you never know what kind of animal is going to potentially jump out at you.

When he got to the area, he could also hear that animal crying. And under the dumpster, he spotted it. It was a cat. Actually, it was a kitten. A very TINY kitten. It was all alone… and scared. So Cody pulled the kitty away from the dumpster and took it back to the police station.

He asked his fellow officers if they wanted to adopt the little kitten, but no one seemed to show any interest in that. So Cody himself adopted the feline and took it home with him. And that’s just purrrrfect, because the little kitty, which has been named “Squirt,” fits right in with the other animals Cody has rescued from the streets over the past few years during his patrols.

There’s a cat he named Toothless. Toothless recently gave birth and has taken in Squirt as one of her own.

Cody also took in an aging and blind dachshund. He also came across and helped a group of puppies that had been abused. 

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