North Dakota mother of ten celebrates her 103rd birthday in classic way: ‘She Was Waving Like a Queen’

Growing old is a gift; few families are fortunate enough to spend decades with their loved ones. Olga Marsten Hovet’s family has known her for a long time.

She must be doing something right since the lovely 103-year-old is still happy and healthy! She graduated from Watford City High School at a period when pupils still rode horses, carts, and buggies to school.

Olga was the oldest graduate of the establishment, thus the high school recently requested her to be their grand marshal. She grew raised on a farm in Watford City, North Dakota, and she and her husband, Walter Hovet, had a humble existence.

The couple married on September 21, 1941, and had many happy years as husband and wife, raising 10 children together. They looked to Olga as the annual Watford City High School homecoming procession arrived.

The treasured and long-standing custom meant a lot to both previous and present community members and students. Olga, a lifetime McKenzie County resident, was overjoyed when her alma school chose her as grand marshal.

Olga’s participation would make the 2022 procession more memorable. She graduated from high school in 1936, 86 years ago.

She was a 16-year-old student back then, thrilled for the rest of her life and perhaps oblivious of the enormous distinction that awaited her. Olga expressed her delight at being chosen, saying that she simply thought it was fun.

The homecoming procession was held on October 12, which also occurred to be Olga’s 103rd birthday. Students from her previous high school went above and above to make the day special for their great grand marshal.

The kids paid a visit to Olga at her Good Shepherd Home, where they sang to the lovely birthday girl. Olga considered herself to be an “old, elderly lady.” She wore her age well, though, and looked cheerful in a Watford City High School jacket.

Pictures of the elderly woman were full of excitement, as she drove shotgun in a convertible. Her son drove, and they led the homecoming parade procession. Olga certainly looked like royalty, waving to bystanders like a queen.

Kristin Rhone, the director of the Good Shepherd Home, was appreciative of the one-of-a-kind experience given upon her residence. She revealed that Olga simply shines. She was smiling the entire time. She waved like a queen. She devoured it. She looked stunning and vibrant, and it drew tears to ones eyes since one could see how happy she was.

Olga and her kid treasured the procession. Olga’s six kids played football in high school, and she remembered rooting for the Wolves on weekends for many years.

Amy Polivka, the student council adviser at Watford City High School, was thrilled to include Olga in their yearly celebration, noting the importance of traditions in their community.

While the 2022 senior class and Olga were separated by more than eight decades, witnessing her in the procession forged a bond. The youngsters made lifelong memories by commemorating those who came before them.

Netizens were astounded by Olga’s elegance and liveliness at the age of 103. Many individuals gave her their love and best wishes as she celebrated another year.

During the homecoming procession, Olga had the time of her life and earned every moment in the spotlight. We wish her many more joyous and loving experiences as she strives to be a light in the world.

The Good Shepherd Home celebrated WCHS Homecoming, too! They enjoyed having the Pep Band, Football Team, Volleyball…

Posted by McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, Inc. on Sunday, 16 October 2022

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