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Nostradamus Predicted Queen’s Death In 2022 And Claims King Charles Will Abdicate Throne

Following Queen Elizabeth’s death, people are looking to unexpected sources to make understanding of what comes next. One of these sources is Mario Reading’s 2015 book Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future. According to the book, Queen Elizabeth will die in 2022, and King Charles will resign and be succeeded by a man who will astonish many.

The book is The only Nostradamus book on the market that focuses only on the French physician’s future predictions. It employs Mario’s idea that Nostradamus’ quatrains are number coded to connect with dates.

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The book was previously credited with properly forecasting Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in 2007 and the 2008 financial crisis. Mario Reading also stated that the book foreshadowed the 2015 Paris attacks.

He previously stated, “There are a few of quatrains that are eerily prophetic, and they were the ones he addressed at the time. He dated them between two and three years out based on index dates, but he think one’ll notice how exact they are when he read them to all.

He went on, due to French negligence and confusion, the Mohamedens will find a way in, says the first. The Seine will be soaked in blood by land and sea; the Phocenesian port will flood with sails and boats’… well, that’s fairly specific about a Paris invasion, the Seine.

He said, since the publication of the book, practically every quatrain has come close to or totally true. He can honestly stand there and say, palm on heart, go and look at the early versions – nothing has changed.

Mario even claimed that the book foreshadowed King Charles I’s death in 1649: There’s an astonishing quatrain, index dated 49. Any historian will quickly recognize what he is referring to when he say the English Parliament will execute their monarch. No Parliament had ever executed its king at the time Nostradamus wrote this, in 1555. It never happened, and Charles I was executed in 1649.

Mario’s book also prophesied the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the resignation of King Charles.

Since they objected to his divorce, A person who afterwards they regarded as worthless; The People will push away the King of the islands; A Man will substitute who never intended to be king, reads the 10/22 quatrain.

Mario said in his book in 2005, this Quatrain will come as no surprise to British readers, and it has far-reaching ramifications. The first is that Queen Elizabeth will die in 2022, at the age of 96, five years before her mother.

Mario predicted that King Charles would resign after he became tired of the repeated attacks on both himself and his second wife and as a result of resentments held against him by a selected part of the British populace following his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales.

The book forecasts that Prince Harry, not his older brother, Prince William, will take the kingdom.

Mario died in 2017, and his son has recognized his father’s book’s increased popularity. He stated, it’s been fantastic to see so many people talking about and sharing his father’s book. It was truly a labor of love for him to write, and if he were here today, he’d be overjoyed that some of his interpretations have become reality. He is intrigued to see whether other predictions come true.

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