Notes Revealed During Trial Shed Light On Amber Heard’s Relationships With Elon Musk, James Franco

Dr. Dawn Hughes’ notes from sessions with Amber Heard were given to the court on Wednesday, giving new information about the actress’ associations with actors James Franco and Elon Musk.

Johnny Depp, Heard’s ex-husband, has previously accused the “Aquaman” actor of being disloyal throughout their marriage, cheating on him with both Franco and Musk.

Hughes, a forensic and clinical psychologist appointed by Heard’s side to testify as an expert witness, wrote notes about both Franco and Musk in a section marked “Intimate connections.”

Hughes linked Heard and Franco with the date “Dec. 2015,” which was during Heard and Depp’s nuptials.

“JF- buddies – became close – but truly wanted to be [with] Johnny,” according to one note.

Hughes stated in a note on “Elon,” an allusion to Musk, that the two met at the Met Ball in May 2016. The Met Ball that year took place on May 2. On May 23, 2016, Heard filed for divorce from Depp.

“Elon – May 2016 – met then, Met Ball,” Hughes wrote in a note, adding, “dating after Johnny.”

“I was sad, my soul felt nothing at the time,” wrote a message under “Elon.” “Ended in March of 2018.”

Interestingly, the expert witness, who has never treated Heard as a patient and met with her for the first time in September 2019, stated that she “drew a line” to separate notes on Franco and Musk. A lawyer representing Depp questioned Hughes about why she didn’t have a new heading if the names of the men didn’t go under “Intimate relationships,” as she claimed. Hughes mentioned the “line” once more.

Hughes was questioned during more questioning by Depp’s legal team whether Ms. Heard ever told Hughes about James Franco spending the night with her.

Hughes answered by recalling her seeing him at some time, but not sure if he stayed the night.

Surveillance evidence presented in a London court in 2020, when Depp was suing The Sun for libel, shows Heard kissing Franco in a private elevator on May 22, 2016. The elevator was on its way to Depp’s penthouse in Los Angeles, where he shared with Heard at the point.

“I don’t recall, but it’s quite likely,” Depp stated last month when asked if he and Heard had a feud over Franco. When asked if he suspected Heard of cheating on him with the “Pineapple Express” star, the 58-year-old said yes.

😮What Do You Guys Think About This Video😮Video Shows Amber Heard & James Franco Cuddling in Elevator.

😮What Do You Guys Think About This Video😮Video Shows Amber Heard & James Franco Cuddling in Elevator.During the defamation trial, surveillence video showing Amber Heard and James Franco cuddling on each other was played in court for the jury. The footage is from Johnny Depp's penthouse apartment complex, where Heard and him stayed during their marriage. It is alleged that this video took place after Depp and Heard had an argument.#JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard #JamesFranco

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Heard met Franco in reception around 11 p.m. and escorted him up to the penthouse, according to the actress. Heard stated that she wasn’t sleeping much those days during the time she was with Franco.

Depp affirmed last week that Heard began cheating on him with Musk one month after their wedding.

According to court filings, Musk paid a late-night visit to Depp’s penthouse when the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor was not at home. According to reports, the 50-year-old Tesla creator was also granted parking garage access.

Musk’s first visit in Mr. Depp’s apartment came shortly after Ms. Heard hurled a vodka bottle at Mr. Depp in Australia after learning that Mr. Depp desired the pair to enter into a post-nuptial agreement regarding assets in their marriage. According to court filings, “Ms. Heard’s fiercely directed projectile almost amputated Mr. Depp’s middle finger on his right hand and broke the bones.”

A spokesman for Musk has disputed that the couple’s connection is related to her marriage to Depp.

As per reports, Elon and Amber didn’t start dating until May 2016, and even then it was sporadic. Their connection did not turn amorous until much later.

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