Nurse Does The Sweetest Thing Ever For The Little Boy.

12-year-old Ian has spent the past year in and out of the hospital. It’s been an awful rough year on him and his parents, as he went through chemotherapy treatments for bone cancer.

But recently, the youngster went through his last round of chemo. Of course, he loved the fact that it was the last time he had to endure that treatment, which often makes people very sick. So yeah, this was a really big deal. But he sure didn’t expect what was coming right after that.

The young boy had made quite an impression on the entire staff at the hospital taking care of him. So just before he was sent home, the oncology nurses walked into his room with a guitar and some maracas. 

Ian got wide-eyed. He didn’t know what was going on with that. Then the nurses broke into the Taio Cruz song, “Dynamite.” But in this version, the nurses added their own special lyrics, which were: ‘We throw our hands up in the air today, saying ay-oh, no more chemo.

Go on and celebrate and live your life, saying ay-oh, no more chemo.”

Go on, go home, and enjoy your life. We will miss you here, ’cause you’re dynamite.”

Go on and have some fun, ’cause you’ve fought your fight.”

Ian loved it. But he had an awful lot of trouble fighting back his fragile emotions, tearing up as he listened to all those nurses who had become his good friends. 

Ian told them: “That just means so much to me. I’m gonna miss you guys so much.” 

Ian’s mom also was touched by the nurses’ kind gesture, saying they all have hearts of gold, and that their care for her son was a priceless gift.

Hopefully, in the future, Ian will only be able to remember what those kind nurses did for him, instead of the rough treatments he went through.

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