Nurse Heartfelt Note To The People Around Her.

Source: Reddit

I work as a nurse. I’m currently seeing a guy who’s amazing etc but when I was on dating sites or just IRL almost every single guy would make some comment about how sexy a nurse is. “Oooo a sexy nurse” “bet you look good in that outfit” etc.

I’ve dedicated my life to saving and improving other people’s. Doing CPR on a patient for 20 minutes waiting for the ambulance to arrive because I’m on a community posting. Working 13 hour shifts spending most of it dehydrated with a full bladder because I’m so overworked. Getting covered in blood from a road traffic collision. Comforting family members when their loved ones die. Constantly monitoring my patients to ensure they recover as best they can. I spend 40 hours a week working in a super stressful environment whilst studying another 40 hours in the same week to make myself a better nurse. Seeing more dead people at the age of 23 than most 70 year olds have through their full life. Performing CPR on a choking child at a restaurant on my day off and saving the child’s life and seeing the pure relief from the parents.

This is why I’m a nurse, not to fulfil your sexual fantasies.

My career is saving lives, not giving you a hard on.

I’m dedicated to saving peoples lives and maybe yours too one day.

Please don’t sexualise my career. It diminishes everything I’ve done and do. I’m not an object for your desire.

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