Nurses Lay Newborn Son On Dad’s Chest And Moments Later, The Man Takes His Last Breaths.

Haley Parke, 28, of Connecticut experienced both happiness and sadness with the birth of their second son. She expressed that their little angel was born in the most magical and courageous way with a miracle to fulfil in a short span of time.

Haleys’s husband JB, was diagnosed with cancer. What started as a 6 month diagnosis quickly turned into just a couple of days. So when Haley placed her little son on his daddy’s chest there were mixed emotions.

Their baby wasn’t due for the next three weeks. However, JB was taken to the hospital due to seriousness related to cancer. Haley learnt they had less time in hand. She wanted JB to see his second son so doctors induced labour.

According to the doctors JB had just a few hours in hand and sadly the labour progressing was taking time. Thus, the couple opted for an emergency c-section. Haley expressed that she believed it was all part of God’s plan and did what she had to do as a wife to fulfil her loving husband’s last wish.

The moment the baby was out, nurses whisked him to place the little boy on his daddy’s chest. A wonderful miracle too placed. As soon as the baby was placed on the father’s chest, the father’s vitals all immediately improved. He started to acknowledge their son by making sweet sounds and little head movements.

When Haley was ready, the medical team placed her hospital bed next to her husband’s room. By admiring her husband she spent her recovery time. With sorrow she admired him and at the same time with amazement for his strength. With his son on his chest and her hand in his hand, JB took his last breath.

Early delivery usually brings risk but the newborn on JB’s chest was absolutely fine. The little angel arrived in time to bring comfort to his dad to the healing he would search in heaven.

Haley in her words, “God prepared our son for this very moment because he came out weighing 7lbs 4oz at 20 in long, with fully developed lungs that let out the sweetest of cries.”

The couple didn’t choose any name for the child. So, to honor her late husband Haley informed “the birth of our brave, amazing son, John Beeson Parke (Jb).”

She shared the special and heartbreaking moment of her son and her husband which has gone viral. From all over the world people have been offering words of encouragement.

I come to you all with news that is the most joyous, but also the most somber. On December 2nd, my husband Jb and I…

Posted by Haley Parke on Saturday, 4 December 2021

JB Parke leaves behind his wife, Haley and their two sons newborn JB and firstborn Brinton. As Christians this faithful family mourns this terrible loss with the hope of Jesus Christ taking care of them.

Time on earth must have come to an end for JB but his eternal life in Heaven has only started. His loved ones may be in pain and their loss is unforgettable however, their souls are sure that one day they will surely meet JB again.

May God bless and comfort the family and give them strength and peace.

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