Nursing home employees ‘mocking elderly patients’ by dressed in NAPPIES.

Nursing home employees seemed to taunt their senior dementia patients by wearing adult diapers and dancing about the halls of a £600-a-week Lancashire institution.

The suspended health professionals created a series of recordings while working at the Gillibrand Hall Nursing Home, which was certified ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as recently as March of this year.

One video showed at least two staff workers going down a corridor wearing adult diapers while participating in a TikTok craze in which viewers were urged to imitate a scene from Disney’s The Aristocats in which two geese walk side by side and wag their tails in tandem.

Another video shows a service worker utilizing a reclining chair to assist patients in standing up, as the song You Raise Me Up by Westlife plays in the background.

Staff at the ‘specialist dementia care’ institution are also seen dancing with facemasks fastened to couches.

The Chorley care home offers nursing, dementia, and respite care to persons over the age of 65.

Its residents got safe care from adequately trained and competent personnel as per the CQC’s report in March.

Century Healthcare Management, which manages the Grade II listed care facility, claimed they were horrified by the video after it went viral on social media.

They stated that the firm was now taking ‘necessary steps’ to examine and terminate employees who appeared in the video.

They agree that this is completely improper and incorrect, said a statement. They are shocked by what these employees have decided to do, and they are already taking necessary measures, such as an inquiry and employee suspension. They take this problem very seriously and condemn these behaviors.

They’ve been communicating with families as needed. Their operations manager is engaging with their CQC inspector personally.

Before making any final choices, senior management and directors will interview the necessary workers this week. Please accept their heartfelt apologies.

The video was initially posted and extensively shared on the social networking platform TikTok, however the account associated with it has now been removed.

Care home staff suspended over TikTok videos

Staff at a care home have been suspended pending an investigation after video footage appearing to show them wearing nappies and mocking patients was shared on social media.

Posted by Lancashire Post on Thursday, 20 October 2022

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