Nursing Student Is Devastated When She Couldn’t Pay A Down Payment. But Then This Happened.

How nice of a person are you? If someone was in need, you would help that person out, wouldn’t you? And some people can really go all out when it comes to helping others.

Back in February, in El Cajon, California, Kayla Cooper managed to squeeze some time between her 2 part-time jobs and nursing studies to visit an auto dealership. She was looking looking to buy a used vehicle to get her to those jobs and that schooling, and she thought she had found the perfect car.

But when the salesman told her what the business required for a down payment, Kayla was stunned. She just couldn’t afford it. She was devastated, and walked out of the dealership crying. Just so happens that Dan Laguardia was at that same dealership to trade in his Toyota Scion, and overheard Kayla’s troubles in getting that car she so desperately needed.

Says Dan: “When I was doing my transaction, she was like at the table next to me talking to the salesperson, and I could kind of tell she wasn’t getting what she was there for.”

So what could Dan do for Kayla? He decided to give her that Toyota he was going to trade in, feeling that the car had a lot more value to her than he would get on a trade-in. Kayla was understandably shocked by Dan’s incredible gesture.

So this happened tonight…. there was a gentleman buying a BMW trading in an older Scion XB. About the same time young…

Posted by Seoul Fields on Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Says Kayla: “I was shaking, because it’s something so unreal. It’s a whole car — how can someone be so generous to give their car away? When you think everything is really gonna come to an end, just wait and be patient because anything is possible.”

And it’s because of extremely nice people like Dan that make this world a much better place.

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