Officer Breaks Into Hot Car To Rescue Baby, Then Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake

A cop in New Hampshire broke inside a car to save a baby who had become trapped inside, only to realize it was a lifelike doll.

On July 23, Keene police Lt. Jason Short was dispatched to a Wal-Mart for a complaint of an infant locked inside a car in the parking lot.

Because it was a hot day, Short determined right away that he had to shatter the window to save the infant after noticing feet poking out from under a blanket.

Short assumed the infant was dead after breaking into the car and removing the blanket, so he breathed into its mouth, but the lungs did not expand. He soon noticed that the infant was, in reality, a realistic-looking toy with a closed mouth. He canceled the ambulance dispatch.

When Short tracked down the doll’s owner, Carolynne Seiffert, who was getting her haircut in Super Cuts at the time of the incident, she informed the cop that the doll was made to resemble as lifelike as possible. When Short picked up the doll, he stated it felt like a real baby.

According to Sentinel Source, Seiffert acquired the doll, called Ainslie, from a doll nursery for $2,300 the week before the event. The “reborn” doll is created from silicone to appear as lifelike as possible. Seiffert has a reborn doll collection.

She intends to put a sign on her car to warn onlookers that the infants inside are not real.

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