‘Officer, I Just Need Five Dollars. Just Five To Get Gas To Get To Work, Then I Can Get Money From My Husband To Get Home. Please.’

“Last night, I did what my daddy told me not to, and I drove home with my gas light on. I knew I could make it at least 33 miles before running out; I had done it numerous times in the past. And I was right! Made it home without any issues.

I knew I had to get gas prior to heading to work in Sedona, so I made sure to leave with enough time for the commute. I get to the 76 station… and I don’t have my card. Last of my futile attempts was at Giant. After being told “no” for the fourth time, I lost my cool. Like the baby I am, I cried. I cried for this inconvenience, I cried for all of the ‘things’ that have plagued me over the course of the last few months. And then I prayed. I prayed longer than I had time to, because I needed it. I needed comfort, I needed a way to get gas, I needed a miracle.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a Sedona PD SUV parked across the gas station and I felt prompted to go over to him. I did, still bawling, and he calmly asked what was the matter. I told this stranger more about my life and circumstances than he probably knew he was getting himself into, and ended with my current situation.

‘Officer, I just need five dollars. Just five to get gas to get to work, then I can get money from my husband to get home. Please.’

He smiled and asked what pump I was at and after showing him my car, he put in his card. I was still sobbing like a crazy person (because once the floodgates open, there’s no stopping), but now they were tears of gratitude.

And this officer, this stranger, who had no idea what my name was or anything about my character, proceeded to fill my car up with gas. Before he drove away, he asked ‘And you’re sure you’re okay? You don’t need anything else or any other kind of help?’ I declined by shaking my head, because I was still too choked up.

So “Ty” — which is the name he gave me when I asked — Thank you. Thank you for showing me such compassion and generosity. Thank you for this small act of kindness shown to a complete stranger. Not all heroes wear capes, and not all angels have wings: Some wear a badge.”

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