Officer Instead Of Giving A Ticket Follows Him Home.

In Cahokia, Illinois, 22-year-old Ka’Shawn Baldwin was pulled over by officer Roger Gemoules. The car he was driving had expired plates, and Ka’Shawn himself did not have a valid driver’s license. The young man apologized to the officer but said that he had a job interview, and didn’t have any other way to get there. So officer Gemoules… instead of giving Ka’Shawn a ticket… drove him to his job interview. And Ka’Shawn got the job, one as a package handler with FedEx.

When the city’s mayor’s office found out about what the officer did, they posted it to Facebook, thanking the officer for his compassion and for setting a good example to the community.

Says officer Gemoules about Ka’Shawn: “He was polite when I pulled him over and he seemed like a good young man, so I wanted to give him a chance. I knew if I gave him a bunch of tickets and towed his car, it would be tough to recover from.”

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