Old Man Asked The Girl Seated Alone If He Could Join Her For Lunch.

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Today I decided I would take my self out for lunch. (Which is rare) I was sitting in a booth and an older gentleman asked if he could join me for lunch. He introduced himself as Don. As we sat and chatted he told me about being in WWII in a submarine that had taken his hearing from too many deep dives. We talked about his two children and four grandchildren. How he had been married twice and lost them both to cancer. How he had a heart attack last week….but was still living life to the fullest. Smiling through it all. I sat there listening to this wonderful man and his countless stories. What an inspiration. He blessed me today. As lunch was coming to an end I asked if I could take his picture. More than happily he did. 

I thanked him for the wonderful time we spent together. He thanked me and his last words to me were….”LIVE A GOOD LIFE” I surely will Don.

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