Oldest Daughter Who’d Been Caring For Her Four Siblings Decides To Put Herself First And Move Out, Mom Snaps.

Being a mother is beautiful and at the same time tiresome. According to recent studies, it’s the equivalent of working 2.5 full-time jobs. Hearing this, we would even prefer not to envision what it resembles doing everything all alone. However, in this story the mom had a daughter who helped her out with four little munchkins and does the largest part of mother obligations. Thus, when she declared her plans to move out, similar to individuals in their mid 20s generally do, her mom was especially disturbed. Blamed for just contemplating herself, this daughter is confused and needs your advice. Read the story and help her out. 

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I’m a 20 year old girl here, i’m the oldest of five by eleven years, my younger siblings are: (9M), (5F), (3F) and (10 Month M). I do the lion’s share of childrearing for my little siblings and oftentimes feel more like a single mother than our Mum, as well as taking care of them I also cook, clean and do basically anything that needs doing…our Mum, I love her but she isn’t great.

I’m planning to move in with a friend as we’re going to get a small flat together. On one hand I want this so badly on the other I feel worried sick about my little brothers and sisters and how they will fare without me. My mum when she found out about my plan also told me I can’t move out as she “Needs” me and she won’t be able to cope alone and how i’m being selfish and I have responsibilities that are more important.

I admit I lost it at that as i’ve been the only one to ever put my responsibilities first and I told her it’s not my job to raise her kids, she now thinks i’m entitled and spoiled and has even told my little siblings how i’m going to be leaving them all behind as i’m too interested in myself…that was a bombshell she dropped before flaunting off to go party and I spent the entire night trying to console them.

I honestly feel like sh*t at this and maybe I am being selfish and putting my desires for the freedom my friends have first, am I making the right move?

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