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Olivia Newton-John And Daughter Sing ‘Window In The Wall’ Duet

Listen to Olivia Newton-John and her singer/songwriter daughter Chloe Lattanzi perform a stunning duet to the song “Window In The Wall.”

“Has this world forgotten how to love? Are we blinded by the hate we let inside?
No one giving in or giving up, the lines are drawn and there’s no compromise
This isn’t who we are, it’s time for us to start, looking for a window in the wall
Maybe we can see the other side, and find we’re not so different after all
Looking for a window in the wall”

What a lovely song sung by such amazing ladies! Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi’s hymn ‘Window in the Wall’ was just published as an anthem focused at uniting and healing the planet during these extraordinary times.

She always preferred singing duets than singing solo, and when she first heard this song, she understood right away that she desired to sing it with her daughter Chloe, Olivia Newton-John says.  The lyrics and tune really spoke to her, and she hoped Chloe felt the same way and thankfully she did.

She knew she wanted to record the song when her mum played it for her. Not just because it was with her mother, but she thought the lyrics and message may assist individuals view things differently, Chloe Lattanzi explains. We are all members of the same human race, and if one listens to each other, respects each other, and loves each other for one’s similarities and differences, one might just comprehend each other a lot better.

This song has a powerful message of optimism and understanding, and it’s lovely to see this mother and daughter utilising their abilities to convey love and light.

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