Olivia Newton-John’s husband says their love was ‘so deep, so real, so natural’ in new message

John Easterling, Olivia Newton-husband, John’s is remembering his late wife “”She’s the most brave lady he has ever met.”

Easterling addressed his feelings for the “Grease” singer, who died earlier this week at the age of 73, in an emotional statement he put on Newton-social John’s media pages on Wednesday.

“Olivia, their affection for one another exceeds their comprehension. Every day, they thanked God for this love that could be so deep, true, and natural. They were never required to ‘work’ on it.

They were awestruck by this immense mystery and embraced their love’s experience as past, present, and eternal, Easterling wrote.

The businessman referred to Newton-John, who had been treated for breast cancer several times over the previous 30 years, as “the most brave lady she has ever met and someone who “truly” cared about others.

“Olivia’s real nature was that she was a healer via the arts of singing, words, and touch. She was the most brave lady she’d ever met. Her capacity for real concern for individuals’ nature, and all things almost beyond what is humanly possible, he penned.

He said, only God’s grace has permitted him to experience the depth and intensity of her being for so long. Even at her worst moments, she maintained the energy, humor, and willpower to bring things to light.

Easterling went on to claim that recalling his late wife’s happy and loving nature helped him cope with his sadness.

Even today, when her spirit soars, the joy of her love and the light that flashes forth heals the sorrow and holes in his heart, he wrote.

He closed by thanking fans for the huge ocean of love and support that has come to them, on behalf of Newton-John’s family.

He signed the note, “Onward Ho, John Easterling.”

Olivia, Our love for each other transcends our understanding. Every day we expressed our gratitude for this love that…

Posted by Olivia Newton-John on Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Easterling confirmed Newton-death John’s on Monday in a statement that described the late singer and actor as “a sign of successes and optimism for over 30 years sharing her fight with breast cancer.”

Newton-John and Easterling married in June 2008, after making their relationship public during the Broadway premiere of “Xanadu” the year before. The pair met in the early 1990s yet didn’t go on their first date until 15 years later.

Newton-John formerly married actor Matt Lattanzi, with whom she had a daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

A behind-the-scenes video of their 2021 duet “Window in the Wall” has been featured in Chloe Lattanzi’s homage to her mother.

“You’re my lighthouse mother.” My secure haven. My heart area. “It has been and continues to be an honor for me to be your baby and closest friend,” she wrote. “You are an earthly angel, and everyone you have touched has been blessed.”

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