“One Of The Hardest Students I Have Ever Taught Left Me This Note In My Mailbox This Morning.”

Source: Reddit

One of the hardest students I have ever taught left me this note in my mailbox this morning.

Dear …… you are an awesome teatcher when you teach. It feels like Im not learning anything, but once you get done teaching, I realize I have learned something You are a better teacther than you think. You are the best 5th grade teacher in the history of the world. You are very special teacher, Finalley you are an amazing role modle.

I wanted to thank you are a inspiration and very nice and funny. Thank you for your guidance, friendship and even for your discpline. I learned that I am strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how I might develop those parts of my character. Thank you for taking the time to be my friend. I am lucky to have the best teacher.

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