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Online Critics Call Kelly Clarkson Fat — She Declared She Likes To Eat And Shows Curvy Figure.

Kelly Clarkson is an award-winning singer, talk show presenter of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” former judge of “The Voice,” and mother of two. However, most discussions about the actress concentrate around her weight.

Clarkson has never been ashamed of her body; she is a superstar who promotes body acceptance and tells how she overcame negative self-talk to boldly embrace self-love.

The talk show presenter has also been open about what has assisted her lose weight and has been honest with her audience about how tough this path has been.

Clarkson also discussed how tough pregnancy was for both of her kids. The singer said she was frequently hospitalized and that her body was not designed to be pregnant.

Clarkson, though, has stated that she would not swap motherhood for anything, however she will not be carrying another child.

Clarskosn’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, the father of her 2 kids, River Rose and Remington Alexander, has had a public divorce.

Clarkson is apparently ready to resume dating after overcoming that battle and ultimately putting it behind her. Because the singer has many occupations that keep her busy, she avoided dating apps and instead let her friends play matchmaker.

A slew of harsh comments flooded Twitter, with some individuals commenting on Clarkson’s weight. Users were worried about the singer’s weight increase over the previous year.

Some users said that Clarkson had not dropped weight after all these years, while others defended her and called them out for being cruel and nasty. Others opted to complement the artist on her attractiveness, friendliness, and singing and hosting abilities.

Clarkson, on the other hand, is not afraid to share such criticism; she even reacted to a Twitter user who stated, “You are overweight,” and reminded them that she was still incredibly fantastic.

Clarkson has not only responded to these nasty remarks with compassion, but she has also been open about the effort it needed to be comfortable with herself and not be impacted by other people’s projections.

Clarkson stated that she grew up with individuals continuously making comments about her physique. She was informed her figure was not aesthetically attractive even when she was young and sporty.

So the talk show host learnt early on to accept her physique and said, she is not going to please anyone. Clarkson also stated that she was fortunate to have arrived at that decision before becoming famous.

Clarkson addressed the nasty remarks about her physique in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, saying she was surprised that individuals thought the bullying was new to her life.

Clarkson noted that she was the bigger girl on “The Voice” and as a “Idols” participant, yet that hasn’t stopped her from embracing herself.

Regardless how much confidence one has, some words cut harder than others, and Clarkson stated that negative remarks impact her as well.

Clarkson mentioned an instance when she was at a meet-and-greet, eager to interact with fans, and the first thing they said was an unpleasant remark about her beauty.

It stings much more when Clarkson is criticized by those close to her, but she understands she is happy in her own skin and attempts to communicate that optimism on her talk show. Clarkson believes that “we are who we are,” and that whether she is at her fittest or not, she is in love with every aspect of herself.

The talk show host is extremely open about her love of food. Clarkson discussed the continued internet fad of “Muckbangs,” in which individuals record themselves eating.

Clarkson quipped that “Muckbung” was her favorite thing to do before they were big, however she was surprised to learn that “Muckband” films can earn up to $100,000 each year.

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