Orphaned Baby Squirrel That Fell From A Tree Is Rescued By This Kind Man.

One day, Allen Pursley saw a tiny squirrel fall out of a tree in his yard. When he checked out the tree, he couldn’t find any squirrel’s nest. It was a very young squirrel; hadn’t even opened its eyes yet.

Allen knew it needed medical attention; falling from the tree alone may have injured it. It was very fortunate that Allen’s husband worked at a veterinary clinic, so his husband took it there. And the men were told that the squirrel would need 24-hour care if the animal was going to survive. Allen was more than up for the challenge. And since he worked from home, he knew he could give it the care it needed.

Says Allen: “I started spending a lot of time with him. Before the week was up, I was already converting our closet into a space for him.”

Allen often took the little squirrel, held it to his chest and bottle-fed it to make sure it was getting all the nutrients it needed. It’s eyes stayed closed for quite a while, but it did seem to be getting a little stronger.

After some time, the squirrel finally opened its eyes, and Allen was the first thing it spotted. That squirrel had a new mama. Allen named it Rocky.

Says Allen: “I’m sure he also thinks his name is ‘Bad Squirrel’ with as many times as he heard me say it when I was training him to stay off countertops and drapes.”

Initially, Allen was going to release Rocky back into the wild, but he was afraid he was now too domesticated and would not be able to take care of himself. Besides that, Rocky was just fine where he was.

Allen said Rocky, who is now four years old and has been housetrained, acts a lot like a cat and plays a little too rough with his dogs. And there’s only one person who can hold him. And Allen’s just fine with that.

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