‘Our whole world has been taken from us’ – Baby dies after mom tries to avoid swooping magpie

A 5-month-old infant died after her mother stumbled and fell while holding her after crouching to dodge a swooping magpie. It happened at a park in Queensland, Australia, as mother Simone was wearing her young daughter Mia in a baby carrier. As she ducked to dodge the magpie swooping at her, she slipped and fell, killing baby Mia. Dad Jacob contacted 911, and she was taken to the hospital, but baby Mia died in a “absolutely awful and abrupt tragedy.”

According to Mia’s father, Jacob, his daughter brought pleasure to everyone’s life with her contagious grin, genuine innocence, and lovely giggle. He added that their entire world has been ripped away from them, and the anguish they are feeling is unbearable. They are eternally thankful for the most priceless present they have ever received.

The magpie, which lived in the city’s Glindemann Park in Holland Park, was taken and released into the bush because they are a protected species that cannot be killed. The birds, which may grow to be more than a foot long, are known to fiercely protect their nests during breeding season, swooping and attacking people who approach.

A GoFundMe page set up to help the family, which has so far raised more than $100,000, stated that no words could explain the agony Mia’s parents were experiencing. “This dreadful world struck a blow no one could ever comprehend,” organisers said on the fundraiser website. “In the flash of an eye, she shattered everyone’s hearts and crushed [her parents’] Jacob and Simone’s world, and no day would ever be the same. There are no words to convey the agony Jacob and Simone are going through.

Beautiful Mia at only 5 months sprouted her little angel wings and departed this planet for the final time, shattering everyone’s hearts and collapsing Jacob and Simone’s world in the blink of an eye.”

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner stated the baby’s demise “struck the community to the absolute core.” Schrinner continued that this is something nobody needs to witness, something that has never occurred before, and something they hope never occurs again.

Swooping magpies are a fact of life in Australia. There aren’t many Brisbane residents who haven’t been swooped by magpies at some point in their lives. At most levels, they’re insignificant. But there has never been anything like this in Brisbane before… This is the first, and they hope it will be the last.

Heartfelt condolences go out to Mia’s family. Little one, rest in peace. Sending them all my love and support as they work their way through this terrible period. Please spread the word.

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