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Owner films horses peacefully snoring and farting in the barn.

Animals are known for their bizarre behavior. We frequently witness footage of dogs and cats engaging in strange yet endearing animal behavior. However, it is not limited to these two well-loved domesticated creatures.

Other animals have similar amusing habits. Perhaps we haven’t seen many of them because we haven’t been exposed to them as much. But when we glimpse their inner craziness, we can’t help but laugh!

This video of horses resting got popular due to the sounds they produce rather than how they sleep. People went crazy with puns and jokes about these lovely animals.

You would imagine that horses sleep like any other animal, laying down for lengthy periods of time. But, no. You’ll be amazed at how.

Horses are neither diurnal nor nocturnal, and they do not sleep for six to eight hours like people. They sleep whenever they need to, at any time of day, and usually for a short period of time.

Another unique aspect of horse sleep is that they prefer to stand instead of lie down. Their legs are designed to sustain their full body weight as they sleep. Lying on the ground might sometimes hurt their internal organs. Furthermore, laying down while sleeping is significant for them since they only do it when they trust you.

Liz Mitten Ryan, an author, artist, and animal communicator, shared a video of her horses napping. Since they trusted Liz, several were on the ground, soaking up the warm hay. However, that was not the cause for the video’s 23 million views.

In the video, her horses were making strange and amusing sounds while sleeping. Some snored (as one might expect from anyone sleeping), but others groaned and even farted. Individuals who commented on the post were laughing and joking about the farting sound.

People found this video to be quite relatable, as it turned out. Who doesn’t snore and fart while sleeping? This video elicited a slew of amusing responses from viewers who claimed the horses were acting naturally.

Some compared the horses to themselves when they returned home from work, while others said the video reminded them of staying at their grandparents’ place. Others thought it amusing when animals farted.

Horses commonly create eight noises, as per experts. Neighh, snort, screech, nicker, roar, scream, sigh, and moan are some examples. You can refer to this post since they added several videos to prove it is genuine.

While groaning is a typical noise made by horses, farting and snoring are less prevalent, but not impossible. This video demonstrated that.

Watch the entire video below and share it with relatives and friends that could use a good chuckle!

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