Parent Gives Their Son’s Kindergarten Classmates Movie Vouchers, Calls Other Parents “Greedy” And “Cheap” After They Confront Them.

Every holiday has its own set of traditions, but that doesn’t imply we can’t disrupt them. One parent just had the wonderful idea of handing out movie vouchers to their son’s class instead of Halloween candy, however this idea backfired when a few mothers chose to pitch a scene. You can read the complete tale and let us know whether or not this was a sensible decision.

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My son attends half day kindergarten. I just picked him up and had to deal with some moms. I’m writing this in the car just to calm myself down from dealing with these people.

I know this is ridiculous and I never thought I would be writing here but here goes.

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My son has 17 kids in his class so I decided to do something nice. Through my company I get discounted movie tickets to give away to clients. So I put 17 envelopes in my son’s backpack for his teacher to put in each other kid’s Halloween treat bag today.

There is no problem with this. It’s a private school and All the parents agreed to send treats for every kid in the class. No problem with religion or economic hardship.

The problem came when I got there to pick him up. Three moms were waiting for me.

They wanted to know where their ticket was and if I had extra for their other kids?

What? I just thought this was better than more candy. But they are upset with me because now they will have to spend money to use their Halloween treat.

I think all the kids go to see movies. The voucher is good for one kids movie admission, a small soda, a small popcorn, and a small candy.

But it seems that I’m the AH for only providing for the one kid in my son’s class.

I think that they are being greedy. And cheap. What is your opinion ? Am I a AH ? 

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