Parents Attack Mom For ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit When She Picks Her Kids Up From School

Bella Vrondos is a Sydney, Australia-based mother of three. Bella reports that individuals, especially other parents, have been judgmental of her clothing choices and have labeled her “inappropriate.”

The model isn’t hesitant to show off her physique with body-con outfits or a full face of makeup. Bella went to pick up her three kids from school one day. She feels she was treated unjustifiably because of the tight beige dress she was wearing.

Bella explained that she shared a photo of herself and her children at school with their certificates on social media, and the photo went viral since supposedly the way she was dressed wasn’t proper for school. People told her that she had her boobs out and that she shouldn’t have worn that dress.

Since Bella underwent breast implants, the insults and judgment have only become worse. Bella shared her experience as she wants other mothers to know that there is no wrong or right way to appear.

She elaborates that many of the other mothers looked at her differently after she had breast enlargement. Being a mother does not require one to give up their entire self. She is attempting to raise awareness about it.

People not only make fun of Bella’s fashion sense, however they also blame her for being greedy and materialistic. She claims that she has heard someone say that they’d rather spend their money on their children. But suggesting she does not spend her money on her children is absurd.

Bella, on the other hand, is unconcerned about what others think. She adores her children, and they adore her.

She claims that her children adore her just the way she is. If she changed her appearance, she wouldn’t be their mother and she wouldn’t be her. Her kids believe she is the greatest person on the earth; they look at other mothers and ask why they’re not like her.

Bella doesn’t have time for vitriol. She’s too preoccupied with taking care of her family and flaunting her fashion sense on TikTok and Instagram, where she often broadcasts trendy videos.

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