Parents Capture Newborn Twin’s Short Life With Heart-Stirring Photos.

This is a story of a couple. A couple whose unanswered prayers for a child were ultimately answered. They wanted a child but were blessed with twins. But what if, the couple were to lose one of their child within few days of its birth…….Well, this is exactly what had happened to the Brentlinger couple.

Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger, from Ohio, had been trying for a child since many years. In early 2016, the unanswered prayers of the couple were finally answered. The benevolent God Almighty had granted their wish. The couple were going to become parents of twins. They were elated and excited to finally have a family.

However their joy was short-lived. In the 23rd week of pregnancy, Mrs. Brentlinger underwent an ultrasound. The reports weren’t promising. The doctors told the couple that one of their child would be stillborn.

The Brentlinger couple were put to yet another ordeal. This time, it was this heart wrenching situation that one of their children would not make it. No expecting parent would like to pass through this trial.

On December 16, 2016, the couple got an early christmas gift in the form of a newborn girl and a boy – both alive. They named them William and Reagan. They both looked cute and perfect, wrapped in colourful blankets.

William had a number of abnormalities. His heart functioned partially. The doctors had told the couple that William would not survive but brave William fought hard and the family of four got to spend a week and a half together. They were indeed the happiest days of their lives.

A friend of the couple got in touch with a local photographer, Lindsey Brown. She agreed to photograph the newborns while they were both still alive.

The lens of Lindsey Brown captured beautiful pictures of the Brentlinger couple with their cute and adorable twins, William and Reagan. She not only managed to document tiny details, like William’s minuscule toes. but also captured his beautiful eyes when he was wide awake.

The photos were stunning. The couple cried their hearts out when they first had a look at the mesmerizing photos of their bundle of joy.

William Brentlinger was God’s child. Brave at heart, he fought all odds and lived only for eleven days. But during those eleven days he filled his parents life with joy and happiness.

The photos that captured those beautiful moments would be cherised by the Brentlinger couple forever. 

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