Parents Decided To Donate Organs Of Their Little Girl.

Parenthood is an amazing journey with so many adventures along the way. Some of those adventures give us the greatest memories in our lives. And some leave us facing our darkest moments. We try to help our children as best we can before we let them build their own lives when they turn 18. But when it comes right down to it, all of those precious seconds with our children… are in God’s hands.

A couple in Iowa did all they could to protect their little daughter, Cora. But she caught a terrible virus. When she started having problems breathing, her parents, Paul and Meagan rushed her to the hospital. Her condition got worse, so officials there planned to transfer her to the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.

While they were sedating and intubating her for the trip, her heart stopped. The medical staff performed CPR on her for almost 25 minutes, and they brought her back. But she had suffered brain damage. All Paul and Meagan wanted now was for her to open her eyes and hold their hands; maybe later give them a hug. Those small but wonderful things never happened.

A few days later, on Easter Sunday, little Cora was declared brain dead. There was absolutely no chance of her coming back. Paul and Meagan were devastated, as any caring parent would be. But with this, there was actually something they could take comfort in.

Says Meagan: “She became an angel today but tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon she will go into surgery and become a superhero and give the wonderful gift of life to up to eight different people who are in desperate need of these organs. We have tonight to be with Cora and will give her the most love we have ever given her yet.”

And the next day, hospital workers wheeled the little girl to the operating room. It was the Honor Walk, where those who have passed are giving up their organs to help others. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff line the hallways in this moment of respect to that person. And on this day, that person was little Cora.

And as she was wheeled toward that cold surgical room with her parents clinging to her side, a warmth filled those hallways as everyone began singing “Amazing Grace.” At a time of the most painful loss anyone could experience, it was truly a moment of pure love from so many.

Yes, life as a parent is full of adventures; so many happy memories and some that are tremendously sad. We never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. So the best thing we can do is appreciate – really appreciate — every precious second that we can with those we love.

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