Parents Immediately Stepped Into Action When The Alarm Rang At 3 AM.

“Very scary night last night. Kate and I invested $300 into something called the Owlet Smart Sock, which monitors the babies oxygen levels and heart rate while he was sleeping. It helps prevent SIDS. So last night around 3 A.M. the sock started alarming us something was wrong, which we thought was a false alarm because it said his heart rate was reading 286. But three resets later and it was still reading extremely high for an infant.

Facebook/Ryan Nicholas Golinski

We have spent the last 24+ hours at the hospital for something called SVT, and we caught it before any side effects. So everything is going well now and his heart is still extremely healthy, if we didn’t catch it as early as we did with that sock, his heart wouldn’t have been able to handle it and we could be dealing with something a lot more serious. I highly recommend new parents invest into this sock, it’s well worth the money.”

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