Parents Leave Kids With Bus Driver – He Hatches Strange Plan When School Gets Delayed.

Everyone seemed to know Wayne Price in his community of Montevallo, Alabama. He was a school bus driver and everyone thought of him as a pretty good guy. One day, he was a little late in picking up his riders. But this time he wasn’t taking them to school. This time… well, let’s talk about Wayne for a moment.

He used to be a youth minister in the community. And before that, he was an independent contractor in the area. So pretty much everyone knew his face, and they knew what kind of a guy he was.

So, anyway, on this particular day in December, a wicked snowstorm hit and slammed the area with a bunch of snow. School was delayed for a couple of hours. And what would normally be a good thing for the kids was actually not so good after all. Many of them were in extremely low-income families. If they didn’t make it to school at the normal time, they would miss out on the breakfast the school treats them to every day.

When Wayne picked up the last of his passengers, many were on the verge of tears. They knew they would stay hungry at least for a few more hours. And they let Wayne know. So instead of heading straight to school, Wayne turned the bus around and took a little detour. All the kids looked out the window and could quickly tell that Wayne was not going the right way to school. No. Wayne had something else in mind. They asked him, but he kept quiet.

A short time later, Wayne was pulling his bus into a McDonald’s. Wayne then announced to all the kids on his bus that he was going to buy them breakfast. He went inside and asked for 50 breakfast biscuits. But he did ask the crew if they could make them in a hurry, because the kids had already missed enough school.

As he was walking back to the bus with several bags of food, all the kids started jumping up and down. They were very excited. Wayne then turned his bus around and headed for school. And none of the kids on his bus went hungry that day.

When school officials found out what Wayne had done, they posted about it on their Facebook page, saying: “On Tuesday, when school was delayed due to icy roads, and we weren’t able to serve breakfast, he (Wayne) purchased biscuits from McDonald’s for his entire bus of students. What a kind act that our students will forever remember.”

Mr. Price, one of our bus drivers, truly demonstrates the spirit of Christmas! On Tuesday, when school was delayed due…

Posted by Montevallo Elementary School on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

And there’s no doubt they certainly WILL remember it. 

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