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Parents Of 3 Find Out They Are Cousins After 10 Yrs Of Marriage: ‘I Started Rethinking’

A couple chose to undergo DNA testing after ten years of marriage to understand more about their family origins. What they found next was not at all what they expected. Celina Quinones married her husband, Joseph Quinones, in 2006. Their DNA test results indicated that they are cousins ten years into their marriage.

No one in the couple’s three children’s families thought they were connected, according to the couple. They had their wedding, and even then, their grandmothers looked to be a lot alike, and they got along, but nothing clicked, Celina said.

They didn’t consider it. He had never seen her at a family reunion, burial, or wedding, Joseph said. After making the discovery, the couple started to question whether they should continue together.

She requested the DNA testing, Celina said. They came in, and they did their swabs, mailed them, and sent them on their way. When they received the findings, she looked up his name in the family tree using DNA, another component of the search, and he showed up. ‘Oh no,’ she thought.

Celina went on to relate how she grew upset after learning the news. Joseph attempted to reassure her that it wasn’t a huge problem and that they should simply ignore it.

However, Celina questioned whether they should divorce. She said that she began to reconsider, and then, after a time, she decided they were simply sticking together. They can’t do anything about it. She is not going to allow some blood to stand in their way.

The responses to their surprising discovery were divided when they shared it in a video on TikTok.

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Despite the response, Celina and Joseph have opted to go on with their lives as they are. According to the DNA findings, they may be second- to seventh-degree cousins.

She feels a bit more liberated, Celina said. That is, after all, what it is. There are individuals who love no matter what or who, so why can’t she fall in love with her cousin by chance?

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