Parents of Woman Found ‘Melted’ to Sofa Indicted on Murder Charges

A grand jury has indicted Lacey Fletcher’s parents on second-degree murder charges. Clay, 65, and Sheila Fletcher, 64, were captured and placed into the East Feliciana Parish Jail on Monday.

According to coroner Dr. Ewell Bickham, the deceased had been sitting on the couch for at least 12 years. He remarked that at least 12 years of evidence. It might be before then. A minimum of 12 years. A very interminable span of time.

He added that Lacey, who had severe autism and social anxiety, was found partially nude, sitting erect and cross-legged, half buried in a puddle of her own bodily fluids that had worn through the sofa. Lacey also had feces smeared on her face, breast, and tummy, according to reports. Her hair was matted, twisted, and full of maggots — and she weighed less than 100 pounds.

Lacey died when her parents were on a weekend vacation. According to Bickham, the cause of death came from extreme medical negligence, which proceeded to chronic malnutrition, acute famine, immobility, acute ulcer development, osteomyelitis (bone infection), and eventually sepsis.

The photos of the incident were so awful that medics had to be on standby for jury members who were compelled to look at them.

Bickham stated that when he was presenting the case and showing the images and giving the timeframe, the grand jury’s emotions were pure disbelief. Like the wall clock never moved again. They were totally quiet. Some members were gasping with disbelief while some people were looking at each other in surprise. He continued that seeing those images and reliving this horrible situation was incredibly difficult.

A trial date has not yet been determined. If convicted, both parents may face life in jail.

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