Parents pass away within four weeks of each other, leaving 2 kids behind.

Friends of the parents of an eight-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl who died four weeks apart in sad circumstances have contributed more than £6,000 to help the children’s upbringing.

Amie Walton, 30, was fighting terminal illness when her partner Chris Mills died unexpectedly while spending the night at the hospital with her.

After visiting her doctor for chronic heartburn, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Amie, who had liver and bowel cancer, awoke on July 18 in Birmingham’s Good Hope Hospital to discover her spouse, 42, dead next to her from a burst stomach ulcer.

Amie died four weeks later, on August 18, while visiting her dad in Devon.

Despite getting cancer therapy, she learned in May that it had spread, leaving her with 50 tumors in each lung.

The couple is survived by their son Harry, 8, and daughter Mia, 6. Tracey, Amie’s mom, is now caring for the kids who resided in north Birmingham with their parents.

Bal Singh, a neighborhood shopkeeper, was horrified to learn of the awful deaths of his former clients. He has established a fundraising website in the hopes of assisting the couple’s young kids.

Following Amie’s fatal diagnosis, the family was advised that her greatest hope lay in a type of radiation that was not accessible on the NHS, so they began a fundraising effort to raise the £35,000 required to obtain the treatment.

Following Amie’s fatal prognosis, her closest friend Jess Davies, who started the campaign and is both Henry and Mia’s godmother, stated, Harry and Mia are tiny dreams, they are lovely.

Tracey expressed that she would want to express a big thank you to everyone who is helping collect money for her grandkids. They ‘ve all had a pretty difficult time recently.

They were all focused on assisting Amie through her sickness and prepared themselves for what was to come when they received the devastating news that Chris had died suddenly. Amie was so strong and built herself up to go through it, and Tracey was so proud of her.

After Chris’s burial, Amie traveled to her father’s house in Devon for a holiday, where she unfortunately died a few days later. They shall carry them both in their hearts and do their best to raise their kids as best they can. She also thanked Bal and everybody for their continuous support, much love.

Harry and Mia have a particular place in their hearts, Mr Singh added. Losing a parent at such a young and vulnerable age is difficult, but losing both parents is heartbreaking.

The conditions were inexplicable and affected everyone.

They are coming together as a community to do the best they can for Harry and Mia, and he would want to extend his deepest appreciation and gratitude to each and every one who supports in playing a vital role in not only Harry and Mia’s but also their families’ well-being.’

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