Parents Say Goodbye To Their New-Born As Life Support Is Switched Off, Then He Starts Breathing Immediately.

Parents’ hearts slowly devastated as they had to say their final goodbyes to their precious baby. This was up until something mysterious take place, leaving not only the mother and father but doctors absolutely puzzled.

Chelsea’s son was born with medical issues that left him on a ventilator. Chelsea’s mother, Lisa Hough shared an image of her sweet baby grandson born to her daughter and also shared the unthinkable tough decision that her daughter had been faced with. Lisa said that her grandson Karson had been born with many medical complications.

Lisa shared on her Facebook that the only way to define what has happened is that her grandson has suffered two very exceptional shocking situations that are completely dissimilar to one another.  She added that her new-born baby grandson had suffered a “hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe” and had also been detected with a rare genetic metabolic syndrome called Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH). She further wrote that her grandson’s case is presented as severe and would cause him to be severely neurologically impaired – functioning at a 2-3 month old level at best for his lifetime.

Chelsea made the incredibly tough decision to take her son off the life support after been given all the information from the medical staff around her.

Chelsea’s mother wrote of the heart-breaking moment they had to say goodbye to their sweet little one. While they were not ready to say goodbye to Karson but they had come to terms with the inevitable. They were given 10 minutes after withdrawing intensive care and the ventilator and told that Karson would not breathe on his own and to expect his heart to stop within those 10 minutes thereafter.

According to Lisa, what comes next was totally unbelievable and nothing less than a miracle. She said that it seemed like God has some other plans for her grandson. Karson immediately started breathing on his own once the ventilator was removed. His heart rate and oxygen stabilized. The family were told that the baby would not survive but they found Karson breathing unassisted. Karson is even swallowing and has slightly opened his eyes a couple times.

Lisa said that doctors had no explanation for what happened saying no medical or science data supports this little fighter surviving and the only explanation they have is that it’s a miracle.

Lisa further wrote on her Facebook page that she has never thought of such miracle and they are not sure how long the family will have Karson with them but the fact is, they have him now at this moment.

Finally, after some days, the family were given the joyous news that their tiny bundle of joy would be coming home. Lisa said that she has no words to express her gratitude and she will continue to praise God till her last breathe for this wonderful miracle in their lives.

From Lisa’s very first post, commenters were fully supportive of the journey and rejoicing the survival of Karson with more than 30,000 responses to the post pronouncing the wonderful news that Karson survived and is blooming.

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