Parents Share The Joy Of Adopting This Teenager Girl.

“We have been fostering since 2014. Our first placement was a sibling group of 2 sisters ages 2 and 3. They were placed with us the day we received our license. We were their second placement (We are adopting them next month!)

Our next placement was our daughter, she was 16 at the time, that was September 2016, we were her second placement.

November 2016 we took a placement of a 3-week old baby who was born exposed and is part of our sibling group.

We met our daughter a year and a half ago when she came to us for respite care. In September of 2016, she was moved from her first placement to our home (her second placement). She was already a permanent state ward so we were able to move forward with her adoption after she lived with us for 6 months, she has been with us just over a year. Teenagers can be hard and teens of trauma come with their own unique set of emotions and problems. Although taking in teens can be a little scary it is completely worth It! We never expected to take in a teen but we are so glad we did because if we hadn’t we would have never met our amazing daughter.

For future foster parents I would say your most important tool is support, a strong support system will get you thru every situation. Some children can be very challenging but I promise the challenge is worth it because when you start to see the difference you’re making in their lives there is no better reward.”

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