Parents Told ‘Let The Baby Go To Heaven’ 15 Minutes Before Birth – They Refused To Give Up.

No parent can bear the unbearable agony of watching their children in danger. Unfortunately, certain circumstances are beyond the control of parents, and no matter how hard they try, there is only so much they can do to change conditions.

For one couple, the news of their baby’s arrival was like a breath of fresh air, filling their hearts with endless love and pleasure. They were completely unaware of fate’s intentions as they prepared for the arrival of their bundle of joy. This is their tale of faith, hope, and the strength of prayer!

Posted by Nick Schnarr on Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nick Schnarr and Brooklyn Diamond Schnarr were living in Indiana, USA, with their two adorable daughters, Sophie and Lily, when they got wonderful news: they were expecting. Despite the fact that they were no strangers to fatherhood, the news of their pregnancy gave them immense delight.

They couldn’t wait to hug and cuddle their baby again and relive parental joy. They had no idea what the cosmos had in store for them. The couple eagerly counted down the hours and minutes until their little angel arrived, but the months that followed were fraught with difficulties.

Me and my tough little buddy.

Posted by Nick Schnarr on Friday, 9 September 2016

One day, the Schnarrs received dreadful news from doctors: their unborn child had water in the brain. In other words, the infant had too much cerebral fluid and had a low chance of survival. They also learned that if their kid survived, he would very certainly suffer from severe brain injuries.

The physicians constantly advised the couple to abort the pregnancy, but they refused. In medical terms, Nick and Brooke’s child had hydrocephalus, which they discovered midway through the pregnancy.

Despite the grim diagnosis, the parents remained undeterred and sought assistance from a Cincinnati children’s hospital. However, even the top professionals in the nation could not guarantee a better future.

According to Nick, he and his wife were told that their child had a 90% probability of dying shortly after delivery or suffering from severe cognitive difficulties that would impair his quality of life.

Posted by Nick Schnarr on Sunday, 17 July 2016

Even the top fetal doctors and palliative care experts didn’t offer the Schnarrs much hope; rather, they were advised to plan for their little angel’s quiet death. The words ripped Nick and Brooke’s souls from their bodies and splintered their hearts into a million pieces.

Despite the fact that the odds were stacked against them, the pair refused to give up. Nick recalls visiting the physicians to discuss their choices on July 8, 2016, fifteen minutes before Brooklyn was removed for her C-section. They literally had another conference with physicians about the usage of a breathing tube and when they would need to disconnect the tube and allow the baby to go to heaven 15 minutes before they took her back to start the C-section.

Yet none of this depressed Schnarr. They carried out the procedure, and to everyone’s amazement and delight, Nick and Brooke’s newborn boy came with the loudest scream and prettiest cackle ever!

Posted by Nick Schnarr on Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Charlie Edward Schnarr was given the all-clear to go home with his parents and see his older sisters after spending time in the NICU.

Everybody, including the physicians and nurses, was perplexed by Charlie’s survival since there was no logical explanation or medical explanation. Nick related that somehow, his brain discovered a natural mechanism to ‘clean’ the blockage or re-route the fluid that was creating the oppressive ‘back-up’ of cerebral fluid.

One could ask how Nick and Brooke’s dilemma was turned around, leaving everybody speechless. The Indiana parents chose to place their hopes and confidence in God. They begged for a miracle and urged their loved ones to do the same, and their prayers were answered in the most wonderful way!

Posted by Nick Schnarr on Friday, 11 December 2020

Nick, the adoring father, shared the incredible account of his beloved son’s survival in an emotional post that drew love and support from the internet community.

Here's the real story, in case you've heard. For the last nine months, my wife, Brooklyn has been pregnant with a very…

Posted by Nick Schnarr on Sunday, 17 July 2016

Miracles really occur each day, and this family’s heartwarming tale is a wonderful witness to their power! Please share your opinions on Facebook if you appreciated this article.

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