Parents Want Me To Accept Future Sister-In-Law’s Request For A Healthy Relationship.

Weddings are never simple, but they are made even more difficult when the bride becomes incredibly obstinate. The word “Bridezilla” was used to describe brides with severe and unacceptably demanding mindsets. Read the story to know what this bride wants from her sister-in-law to do and do you think the bride’s demand is valid? Share your thoughts on this.

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My future SIL Liz has turned into a bridezilla and is going to war with everyone over every stupid thing.

My natural color is red. I love my hair. Liz is a blonde but she loves to have red hair and in fact ever since meeting me she’s been dying her hair almost exactly my color. I don’t mind, I think it’s weird that she does it but I don’t have a monopoly over this particular shade of red and she’s free to do it with her hair.

Well, she asked me this week that I should dye my hair a different color because she wants her hair to be unique in her wedding, she offered to cover all the costs as well. I just said no because it’s my hair, I don’t want it changed.

I told my brother and he told me to do whatever I want because it’s my hair, he said he’ll talk to Liz to get her to back off. Well it didn’t work because Liz has come to my parents and they’ve taken her side! They say it’s her special day and we need to be more accomodating and it’s important for our future relationship that we get along. I believe I am accommodating, she can do whatever she wants with her own hair! How is my hair any of her business anyway.

My parents tell me that I should be a bigger person. I don’t know why an 18 year old should be the bigger person compared to the 27 year old Liz. They told me I’m making this minor issue into a big problem and I should just do what she wants because it’s her wedding. Am I A Jerk for not giving in?

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